2008 Class of 1963 Reunion, Annapolis, MD
Pictures Submitted by Mr. Tom Lyons '63


The Class of 1963 celebrated the 45th year since their graduation at the Loew's Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. Seventeen of the graduates, their wives and girlfriends gathered on Friday, October 4 and opened up the weekend with a cocktail party and a wonderful dinner provided by the Lowe's Hotel. The dinner attire was a lot more casual than 45 years ago but the noise level was unchanged and maybe even louder - given the ages, the adult beverages and the lack of priests wandering in the middle aisle. The BS index broke some new highs, and many old memories were rekindled and debated ad absurdam. Graciously, the spouses acquiesced and formed little groups of their own - "If I hear that story one more time...!!!

Saturday's weather broke fair and the Sailing Capitol of the World beckoned a few of us to a cruise around the Chesapeake on a chartered sailboat. Dave Resch and 'Doc' Dougherty ably took turns at the helm and gave the crowd a quick tour of the middle bay. Another fine dinner and extended cocktails were provided by the Loew's Staff and Chapter Two commenced - another new high on the laughter scale and a definite record for the BS Index.

We greeted Sunday with weather sent from heaven - a perfect Fall Day - low 70's, leaves caught in the middle of their final masquerade, and the bluest sky one can imagine. Tom Lyons and Elena Maldonado (most of you knew her as Delgado) invited the class to their home in Edgewater a few miles south of Annapolis. BBQ pork, enough macaroni to feed a battalion, enough beer to sink a small craft (most of it still unopened at this writing) and a table set outside around which we all gathered. Jim and Candy Horman stopped by for a few hours which was another highlite for everyone attending. Jim has recently received a very serious diagnosis of cancer and in typical fashion has met the issue with enviable grace and dignity. All of our prayers go with him.

Hope you enjoy the photos and will do my best to get each of you a copy of all the photos. Stay well and healthy The best to all of you.



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