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Title: Please log in to access this message board.
Post by: Rob R on February 08, 2009, 01:07:36 PM
We all go through it.  If you're new to this board it takes a short while to get used to it.  Posting and replying to messages is tricky at first but the most important thing is that you log in with a user ID and password that identifies who you are.  So you have to register for an account AND THEN WRITE THAT USER ID AND PASSWORD DOWN so you don't forget it.  Your computer is designed to remember you on this site so you rarely have to log in again, but keep that info for when you do!!

You can begin by posting information about yourself under your class in the PREPSTER LIST area, or start replying to other peoples posts.

If you have any trouble, just shoot me an email.

Okay?  Let's give it a try!

Rob Richards '80